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香港樹藝發展已有十多年,但城市規劃、道路設計以至公園設計仍少有樹藝師 (Arborist) 能參與其中,導致Wrong tree, Wrong place時有發生,究竟責任誰屬呢?


香港樹藝師 (Arborist) 發展已有十多年,但城市規劃、道路設計以至公園設計仍少有樹藝師 (Arborist) 能參與其中。結果,由一些缺乏樹木知識的建築師去決定樹木去留及種樹位置,只考慮即時綠化效果,忽略樹木長遠發展,導致Wrong tree, Wrong place時有發生。

錯誤已成,可補救的空間確實有限。這亦是現今香港樹藝師 (Arborist) 面對的其中一大難題。有良心、有資源的樹木管理者,會選擇為樹木進行適量修剪,提高樹冠,引導枝條往正確方向伸展,減少與道路使用者造成衝突。樹木修剪需要專業技巧,每一刀都會直接影響樹木健康及結構,非一般園藝工作者所能應付。若怕麻煩,退而求其次,一般做法會安裝危險警告牌,或於樹身掛上顯眼的彩帶,以提高駕駛者的警覺。但這樣卻是治標不治本。樹木缺乏適當修剪,繼續往錯誤方向生長,終有一日會攘成意外。

假若樹藝師 (Arborist) 仍未能於城市規劃的設計階段提供意見,同類事情將會繼續發生。不論掛彩帶或進行修剪,都不是治本的方法。要徹底解決問題,應由根源問題著手。


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  • Terence Cheung

    Monday May 4th, 2015 at 10:10 AM

    As far as I know, tree compansation will depends on the diameter of the falling tree. For example, one 50cm dia. tree falling need to replant trees of total dia. of 50cm, say 6 small trees. What we will be expected for 10-20 years is : our land will become a forrest. However, every tree cut-down need to replant it again in the same way. What is your suggestion can we overcome this situation?

    • GTR


      Tuesday May 5th, 2015 at 09:48 PM

      Thanks for your comment.

      According to the MOST UPDATED Tree Preservation Technical Circular (Works) No. 10/2013(Works Branch of DEVB, 2013), the compensatory planting ratio should not be less than 1:1 in terms of NUMBER.
      Should this requirement be satisfactorily met and sufficient space for planting can be identified, compensatory planting ratio of 1:1 in terms of aggregated DBH should also be fulfilled.

      Your worry (your land become a forest after 10-20 years) in fact is really common for land lot owners. And here comes to a solution.

      In the Technical Circular, it stated that “sufficient space should be provided for the planting of compensatory trees”.
      From our experience, if your Arborist or contractor can justify all planting space is already fully occupied by existing trees/shrubs, the number of trees required to be compensated is usually negotiable. However, you should be reminded that it is highly depends on the quality of report, the reason you provided, any alternative you recommended, etc.

      We are pleased to offer any help if you needed.

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