Professional Services

Professional, Reliable & Customer Oriented

Core Aboricultural Consultancy Service
  • Detail individual tree risk assessment (Form 2) Details
  • Tree group inspection (Form 1)
  • Tree removal application and tree compensatory proposal Details
  • Tree complaint handling Details
  • Tree survey / inventory
  • Tree incident report Details
  • Regular tree monitoring (monthly, quarterly, annually) Details
  • Post-inclement weather inspection Details
  • Tree preservation proposal
  • Resistograph inspection Details
  • Independent checking
Tree Care Service

Condition of trees is changing continuously. Thus, dead branches, fallen branches and tree collapse may occur occasionally. This situation is even more obvious in urban area because of limited growing environment and soil insufficiency. Therefore, appropriate tree care is very important.

GTR crew consists of Certified Arborists and professional tree practitioners, can conduct comprehensive tree care services including pruning, cabling, tree planting and tree species recommendation.

  • Pruning
  • Tree Removal
  • Cabling
  • Tree fertilizing
  • Transplantation
  • Pesticide/ Fungicide application
  • Weeding
Tree Works Supervision

Good communication and cooperation between workers on the tree and inspectors on the ground is very important when conducting tree works. GTR Certified Arborists can cooperate with workers on the tree and handle completion report properly.

  • Pruning works supervision
  • Tree planting supervision
  • Tree transplantation supervision
  • Tree works completion report
Horticultural Service
  • Landscape planting design (species selection, planting location and spacing recommendation, etc.)

GTR dedicated to the development of the arboricultural industry, aimed to enhance the social awareness of tree conservation. Therefore, GTR provides free talks and workshops which focus on simple tree assessment, identification of hazardous trees, tree preservation, construction damage to tree and mitigation measure, career talk, etc.

  • Talk (simple tree inspection, hazardous tree identification, tree preservation, construction damage to tree and mitigation, career talk, etc.)
  • Workshop (tree identification, simple tree inspection, etc.)
  • Volunteer tree inspection