Common Pest Diseases and Proper Tree Care

Common Tree Diseases

Under a stressful environment, tree health will deteriorate and easier to be attacked by disease. In normal situation, foliage disease is less significant than root and trunk disease unless a long term and continuous defoliation is caused, as root/trunk disease affects the transmission of water and nutrient and may be fatal to the infected plant.

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Common Pests

Most insects are actually harmless to tree. They feed on or compete with the tree pest and finally reduce the pest’s population. Broadly use pesticide may kill these insects. Before taking any action, it is better to have a correct identification of pests. Below are some of the common tree pests in Hong Kong.

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Tree Care

Proper tree care is essential for tree health and has positive effect on greening and prevention of tree accident.

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Pruning and tree supporting system

Proper pruning and supporting facilitates healthy tree growth and prevents tree failure and vice versa.

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Tree Inspection and Remedial Action

When come across tree problem, please contact Certified Arborist immediately.

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